The doctor discovered and injected the 6-month-old baby.

A strange case has come to light at the Dabugam Health Center in Odisha. Where the family has accused the doctor that the doctor had searched and injected her six-month-old baby on Google, which led to the death of the child. At the same time, an officer of the hospital was questioned on this matter and he completely rejected the charge. He said that the child had pneumonia and was brought to the hospital in critical condition which led to the death of the child.

Parents of the children, Prashant Bisoi and Amrita, accused the hospital doctor that their son’s health had deteriorated on 30 March. On 31 March, he was brought to the Dabangam Health Center for treatment. Where the doctor searched Google on his phone and wrote a prescription to his six-month-old son.

He further said that the doctor searched him on Google, wrote an injection and advised him to apply it. As soon as that child was given that injection, his eyes closed and he died.

Family members alleged that the medical officer of the health center, Subhasis Sahu, said that the child was suffering from severe pneumonia and was treated in hospital in critical condition. Appropriate medicines were used, but he was in the final stages. Sahu has claimed that he took the patient to Umerkot, but his condition deteriorated. The patient was brought here in critical condition.

At the same time, on the doctor’s statement, the family said that when the child’s condition was critical, the doctors did not refer him to any other hospital. Perhaps this would have saved the life of their six-month-old baby. The family is deeply saddened after the death of the child.

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