See your mother’s reactions when you wear a short dress

In India, girls are taught about tradition and culture since childhood and are also taught how to dress properly. Perhaps this is why when a teenage girl wears a short dress for a friend’s party; Her parents offer her some sort of deal and awkward questions.

It does not matter to your mother that you are an educated independent girl working in a top MNC. If you are going to an evening or night party wearing a short dress, I believe you will have to waste your next 1-2 hours to keep her safe outside. I said useless because your logics will not celebrate him at all.

If you go out wearing this dress then she can give you many examples. I know he is worried for you but you don’t know anything about his imagination.

What if a friend has a party at a local club? Do not make a mistake by telling him that you are going to a club otherwise you will have to cancel your plan.

Emotional blackmail is another matter and now our mother is very straight. Yes, he will only give you one option to choose from. Just change the dress and go. You know your mother better than me, she will not change her mind easily.

Your mother will remind you about our year long tradition and culture and the importance of wearing sarees and salwar suits. She will continue to give reason for dupatta and dainty clothes. Do you really want to go to the party now?

I told you that that is just an option for you. If you want to join your friends then you really have to change your dress.

Wearing a salwar suit for a party, I know you’re feeling ridiculous, but at least she has given you permission to party. Just leave before he changes his mind.

Look at your mother’s smile. Yes, she wins and you are going to be a joke in the party where all your girls’ group will dress up in bold costumes. Just try to ignore their comments dear. You love your mother more than your friends right?

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