Rakhi Sawant talks about staying fit, hot and slim, do I look 16.

Rakhi Sawant of Bigg Boss 14 has said that she is 37 years old, but asked if she was looking 16 years old in a new video which has surfaced online. He was spotted outside a gym in Andheri, Mumbai, where he talked about the importance of staying slim and fit.

She was talking to media persons in Mumbai when she said that she was 37 years old. She was discussing the increase in Kovid-19 cases, and felt that the vaccination campaign should now include people aged 30–35 years. I only learned yesterday that the vaccination campaign is for people above the age of 45. Where should I and the 36-year-olds go, he asked and a reporter asked, “Are you 36”.

Rakhi then flirted with the media saying that she looked younger and said, “Do I look like I’m 16, I’m 37, by the way.” When reporters told her that she does not look like 36, she asked, “Do I look older?”

He then said, I am 37 years old, why should I hide my age, if I was not this fat, I would look younger. But, how can I help, I have lots of parathas.

Asked why she wants to be slim, Rakhi said, everyone should stay slim, Rakhi is always in the news. This is also important because people have very little memory. It is important to stay fit, hot and slim, and you need to keep it going. Working in the industry. You also need to do social work. I do all this.

You also need to gym, we are seeing another boom in coronovirus cases. I heard that 500 buildings were sealed around this place. He also requested vaccination for people in their 30s.

Rakhi recently appeared in Salman Khan’s reality show Bigg Boss 14. She entered the show as a challenger in December and went out during the finale last month when she offered to do so, taking some money instead of trying her luck for the winner’s trophy. She has started work on her upcoming debut web series.

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