Rakhi Sawant reacted to the night’s curfew: I will enjoy myself, will run on the beaches of Goa

Rakhi Sawant has said that she will enjoy her time in Goa and run on the beach, when she was asked for feedback on the night curfew imposed in Mumbai. A night curfew has been imposed in entire Maharashtra since Sunday. The Chief Minister’s Office said on Saturday evening that public places like beaches and gardens would be closed from 8 am to 7 am.

Rakhi was coming out of a Mumbai clinic when Paps saw her and asked her some questions. When told that the curfew has been imposed from 8 o’clock in the night, Rakhi shouted in shock, ha! Curfew, and asked if the police would take her away immediately, as she was on the streets.

An arbitrator pacified her, saying that the curfew would be imposed from Sunday night, and then said that she was worried about how she would return from Goa. Rakhi said, I will not come to the gym, I am going to Goa. And, I will be back on 3 April. I will roam the beaches of Goa.

After being told that the curfew was only in Mumbai, he said, Mumbai is not it! From Aish to Aneesh Karungi to Goa (this is only Mumbai right, I will enjoy myself in Goa. I will roam and run in Goa. Beach.

In a sweet gesture, he touched his brother’s feet before leaving the clinic.

Rakhi also talked about one of her videos which is going viral. It depicts Rakhi tearing her blouse during the ramp walk. My clothes ripped, I should feel bad, why are you feeling bad, I will tell you, every artist should get good designers. I feel sad Then he was asked whose fault it was and he said, the designer’s! (This is the designer’s fault).

Rakhi will be seen on Colors TV show Namak Ishq Ka and she posted about it on her Instagram.

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