PM Narendra Modi said that there is a need to raise awareness about Kovid-appropriate behavior.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that states should organize Tika Utsav (Tika Utsav) from 11 April to 14 April to ensure optimum utilization of their Kovid-19 vaccination capacity. Speaking at a virtual review meeting with the Chief Ministers on the nationwide increase in viral infections, PM Modi said that all eligible people should be vaccinated as much as possible as part of this festival.

Talking about vaccine delivery, he said that priority needs to be given. We need to prioritize (vaccine delivery) with what we have. We will not get results by keeping vaccines in a state. It is not right to think in this way. We have to manage thinking about the country.

Reiterating the need to wear masks and observe social distinctions, the PM said that there was a need to raise awareness about Kovid-appropriate behavior.

Once again we need to wear masks in the wake of coronaviruses and raise awareness about the importance of safety protocols, he said, encouraging celebrities and other celebrities to be involved in encouraging covid-appropriate behavior.

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