Nick Jonas’ new album released today, shared old memories with Priyanka Chopra

Nick Jonas’ new album Spaceman was released on Friday. Marking the release, Nick shared a series of photos taken during the past year. It includes a photo of Nick hugging his wife, actress Priyanka Chopra, while several candles are placed in front of him, a report clarifying that alcohol cannot protect anyone from coronavirus, his dog Gino’s Along with a pair of pictures, another panda of his dog, Kovid-19 negative report from December 2020 and a single photo of Priyanka.

Nick took to Instagram and shared a gallery of photos talking about his new album. He said, the album has been landed and I am very excited to hear it for all of you. Writing this album was a way to work on everything happening in the world, the distance between us, and what matters most. I released the first Spaceman to introduce you to the world and the way I faced them. Gained second place to show the opposite of the emotions found in Distance and Euphoria and reconnect with what you love can give you purpose.

And now the rest of the album is yours to explore – distance, indulgence, excitement, and commitment. I hope you take the time to fully experience the album from beginning to end and find solace while joining Spaceman. The biggest thrill, Love, said Nick.

Nick first revealed that many of the songs on the album are like a love letter to Priyanka. Most of the songs are very much mere love letters, which, when I cannot articulate the way my words feel with no music, I go to the studio. And I am grateful for it because it makes her happy. , And this is the most important, the 28-year-old singer told Apple Music.

So Spaceman came to my mind as I was thinking, ‘What is the one thing that we all have felt in the meantime, it is completely cut off from the world. We have become accustomed to looking at a screen instead of human interaction, and I think the thing that encourages all of us and hopefully the idea of ​​knowing that tomorrow when it will happen is not our reality, and I There seems to be a body of work as a whole track.

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