Music community still feels orphaned: Sona Mohapatra

The world is taking steps towards regaining normalcy, is back on set, and films are in line for release, but something is still missing – a live music scene. And this, singer Sona Mahapatra feels, is the reason behind the disappointment in the music community.

I look forward to coming back on stage, we need it. I don’t think anyone cares about it. Musicians are completely ignored as artists in India, and they are really dependent on the equity of their sweat, with Mohapatra expressing his concerns.

After coming to the world a year ago due to a coronovirus-induced lockdown, the entertainment business, like many establishments, suffered immense losses that are still felt today.

Even before the epidemic, the music industry itself did not exist because it is dominated by a label. The music industry has had a very disappointing period for a long time, original songs are not being done in films as well, and there are more remixes, said the 44-year-old singer, known for not showing her words while putting forth her thoughts. is.

The epidemic worsened the situation, as Mahapatra points out that many musicians are leaving the city due to lack of work. There is a lot of disappointment in the music community.

The new year has brought good news for some, especially for filmmakers, who have once again placed big bets on big entertainers to spin the wheel of the box office. This has surprised Mohapatra that people have been barred from holding open-air concerts, with all security precautions taken.

Nothing is being organized. That is the ultimate priority. We are doing political rallies, people are going, but there is not a single platform to celebrate the music, says the singer, who was hoping that things would move in the right direction in March, but there is something around it. Disappointed at not having a conversation.

There is no one who can represent music or musicians, and we are very much like an orphan community right now, notes the singer, who is in talks to arrange a live gig himself, and shares That he will keep trying.

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