Microsoft is about to launch the Surface Duo 2 smartphone later this year.

Microsoft is not known for its smartphones at all, but last year the company took a bold pledge and launched its high-end dual-screen smartphone – the Surface Duo. In addition to the signature dual screen, the Microsoft Surface Duo also underwent a customized Android experience.

It has been less than a year since the Surface Duo launched and according to reports, Microsoft is getting ready to launch an updated model – the Surface Duo 2.

According to reports, the Surface Duo 2 has been under development since the second half of 2020 and is scheduled to launch by the fall of this year. However, Microsoft may change its plans, which remains to be seen. For the Surface Duo 2, software is expected to be the primary focus, in addition to bringing a faster processor, better camera and 5G support.

The Surface Duo Review had all the good things to say about the display, hinge and design, but there were a lot of issues on the software front. According to sources, the Surface Duo 2 software will put special emphasis on fixing issues and improving everyone, including the camera app.

Additionally, Microsoft is also adding more engineers to the team working on the Surface Duo 2. The report states that a number of task lists have been posted by Microsoft and the company is looking to provide a mobile user experience that brings about the best of Microsoft. Android ecosystem.

Microsoft is also directly contributing to Android’s development with the Unclear Areas API that adds information about areas of performance that have been obscured by other tasks or the system UI.

The API will allow the developer to re-flow the experience into visual fields. For example, a launcher may unofficially animate its lower drawer so that users can launch another application.

Furthermore, the Surface Duo 2 is not the only surface product Microsoft is working on. The company also plans to launch the Surface Laptop 4 in April and the Surface Pro 8 in October or November.

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