Jasmin Bhasin says disappointed and heartbroken, finding a bed for my own mother was a task

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Jasmin Bhasin has said that her unwell mother needed a hospital bed earlier this week, and her elderly father had to run around to ensure medical care for her. Jasmine said that she understands that many others are going through similar and bad experiences amid the epidemic, adding that he is heartbroken.

Jasmine tweeted late Saturday, disappointed and heartbroken. Every day there are deaths, people on the streets trying to find beds and oxygen. My own mother was in the same position two days ago where finding a bed was a job. My old father was running here and there. Many are undergoing medical care for him. People are losing their loved ones, family. Who do we blame? Has our system failed.

Fans sent in wishes and prayers for their parents. We have prayed for all of you that everything will be cured by mom and dad. Very strong jus take care of yourself and your colleague and family. Be safe

Another wrote, You are our lioness strong and I know that my love will get you through it. I believe that you are my lioness. We are all praying for Aarti that you do not take stress, she will get well soon. A fan also asked Jasmine to take care of herself and wrote, Jasmine, we have our aunt in our prayers, she will be fully recovered soon! We love you and we are all with you. Please take care of yourself

Jasmine was a contestant on the reality show Bigg Boss 14 hosted by Salman Khan and after it was over, she acted in a few music videos. She is spending time with Eli Goni and her family in Kashmir. She is also working between cities for various shooting commitments.

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