If you also take medicine with tea or juice, then this habit is harmful for you.

As we all know that almost all doctors always recommend taking medication with plain water. But due to all this, some people take it with tea or juice while taking medicine. But it is a common thing in which people take tea, juice, green tea on hand while taking medicine. Is it not safe for us to do this?

During the research of some Perfect Doctor it has been reported that tea contains tannin which together with the ingredients present in the medicine can cause chemical reactions in the body. Not only this, taking the medicine with tea and coffee reduces the effect of the drug.

Never forget to eat medicine with juice

If you eat the medicine with juice also, it can also cause many reactions in the body and also reduce the effect of the drug, which slows down the patient’s process. Apart from cancer drugs, oranges, apples and grape juice also reduce the effects of antibiotics. If you are also ill and you are advised to drink juice, then drink juice separately, never with medicine. No.

Never take medicine with green tea

Even though green tea is said to be beneficial for health, do not consume any type of medication as prescribed by the doctor / Some ingredients in green tea, especially caffeine, can react with the drug which can cause reactions in the body. Can react with. Of damage. Therefore, always take medicines only with plain water.

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