Google is soon to make app download easy and convenient.

Google is soon to make app download easy and convenient. It is working towards making apps smaller in size so that they do not stress Android phones and the latest effort in this direction is the App Install Optimization feature on the Google Play Store.

The feature is soon to make its own entry and will help in faster download by downloading the most used part of you.

Android apps to be downloaded soon in parts

App install optimization, as the name suggests, will optimize the app being downloaded to Android phones. It has been suggested (via the 9To5Mac report) that when the feature is enabled, it will look into the parts of the downloaded app used. Google reduced the Play Store fee to 15% from 30% for developers.

This will be done keeping in mind how the app is used by people. If most people use a particular part of a given app, then Google will start downloading that part on the Play Store device. For example, if you download the Facebook app for the first time, you are most likely to set up a profile, add friends, and more. With this feature, only this part of the app will be downloaded to your phone, the rest will be downloaded later.

This will help apps download, open and run faster. It also did not burden your smartphone’s RAM, storage, and overall performance, thus, ensuring resource management.

The functionality will also take your privacy into account and will not collect your personal and app data. Google will only use app usage data to compare with others to better optimize the app experience.

Additionally, app install customization can be turned off via the Google Play Store settings. Keep in mind that disabling this will mean that the data will not be analyzed: you’ll still be able to get faster app download speeds.

Application install optimization is not yet available on the Google Play Store, but the Google App Store mentions it in version 24.5.13. Therefore, there is a possibility that it may come soon.

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