Good news: Coming soon for kids under 13, Instagram junior, can join those apps.

Facebook-owned Instagram, one of the more popular photo and video sharing social networking platforms in the world, is reportedly working on Instagram for children under 13 years of age where parents’ messenger kids Will be the same as control.

Instagram head Adam Moseri said that a version of the popular photo-sharing app is currently being explored. Mosseri said in a tweet, children are increasingly asking their parents if they can join apps that help them keep up with their friends. A version of Instagram where parents have control, like Hum / Messenger Kids, is something we’re looking for. We will share more down the road.

Moseri is overseeing the Instagram for Kids project with Vice President Pavani Dewanji. The report stated that Facebook launched the Messenger chat platform for children aged 6–12 in 2017. Instagram said it is launching a new feature, which prohibits adults under 18 from sending messages to people who do not follow them.

Instagram quoted IANS as saying, “We have banned adults from direct messenger teens who do not follow them and ‘DM adults’ would introduce ‘safety signs’ when shown to teenagers exhibiting potentially suspicious behavior.” Huh. The company said the suspicious behavior could include sending a “large amount of friends or messages to friends under the age of 18”.

Instagram announced a new parent guide with expert partners for more countries including India. There are more than 1 billion monthly active users globally sharing this photo and video on social networking platforms.

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