Digital artwork by humanoid robot Sophia sold as NFT for $ 688,888

A digital artwork by humanoid robot Sophia sold as a non-fungible token (NXT) on Thursday for $ 688,888.

NFTs, a digital signature saved on blockchain pickers that allows anyone to verify the ownership and authenticity of the items, have become the craze of the latest investment, with an artwork sold for around $ 70 million this month.

Sofia, which was unveiled in 2016, produced her art in association with 31-year-old Italian digital artist Andrea Bonacetto, known for colorful paintings, some of which include famous people like Tesla’s chief executive, Alice Musk Let’s portray.

The robots have combined Bonacetto’s works, art history, and his own physical drawings or paintings several times on different surfaces, in a process his creator David Hanson described as loops of development.

The digital work, titled Sophia Instantation, is a 12-second MP4 file, showing the development of Bonacetto’s portrait in Sofia’s digital painting, and with a physical artwork, painted by Sophia on a printout of her self-portrait .

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