Did you know an interesting anecdote from Varun Dhawan’s teenage years: When Lisa was impressed by Haydon’s beauty, she was seen as a hungry child

Varun Dhawan has one of the best hit-flop ratios in Bollywood, his win at the box office marked his debut with Student of the Year. He is one of the most sought-after actors in the industry and reportedly, one of the highest paid.

As Varun is 34 years old, here is an interesting anecdote from his teenage years. Do you know that she met Lisa Hayden in a hut in Goa and was surprised by her beauty. However, she was seen as a ‘hungry child’.

During an appearance on Vh1 Inside Access in 2017, Varun talked about attending a ‘really cool party’ in Goa when he was 16 years old. Arjun Rampal was also one of the people present, he said, I was the youngest there.

I came out and there was this hut, and I was very hungry. Think why I am hungry. Then I got there and I saw Lisa Hayden. Lisa Hayden was not Lisa Hayden then. As, she was not famous, no one knew her maybe she was. I saw her and I was like, man, this girl is so beautiful. ‘I started thinking how beautiful this girl is.

Lisa was with her then boyfriend. I am a little younger than him, so he looked at me like this harmless child. Lisa Haydon just looked at me like this hungry baby and offered me a sandwich. I remember eating sandwiches and meeting Lisa Hayden at this party. Then I saw him in the papers a week later and I liked, well, he is real, Varun said.

Coincidentally, several years later, in 2014, Lisa was paired with Varun. To deny this news, he said on Twitter, “I’m single, @Varun_dvn is not busy.” Misunderstood up. Please, he replied to his tweet saying, @HaydonLisa really cracked me up. The next Il’s children are Shakin good luck with Miss Heidan.

Varun is now married to his long-time sweetheart Natasha Dalal, while Lisa is expecting her third child with her husband Dino Lalwani.

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