BSNL users should be careful with this SMS because now you can clear your bank account through SMS fraud

Online fraudsters are cheating the common people by using new types of technology. To avoid these cyber thugs, people are also warned from time to time by the government and banks as to how they can avoid such frauds. At the same time, now cyber hackers have targeted BSNL users. According to the information revealed, in the new banking fraud, cyber thugs have started weaving in an attempt to clear the bank account of the users of the government telecom company BSNL. In view of this, the state telecom company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has warned users about SMS fraud.

Company alert
State-owned telecom company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has issued a notice warning its users about SMS fraud. BSNL warned users not to give personal information to fraudsters, who will try to get information from you under the cover of BSNL employees.

What is written in the message
Nowadays messages are being sent to the users in the name of KYC, in which their personal details are being asked from them. Along with this, they are being told in the message that their SIM will be suspended due to lack of KYC details. BSNL then noted that a complaint of receiving KYC messages through SMS to withdraw money from the bank account of the fraudulent customer came to light.

This will be fraud sms
The titles of these spam messages are written as ‘CP-SMSFST, AD-VIRINF, CP-BLMKND and BP-ITLINN’. This information was first given by the Telecom Talk website.

Ignore message
The company has clarified that these messages are not being sent by the company, so ignore them otherwise all your money can be stolen from your bank account by cyber thugs.

Explain that in view of the fraud that was happening through SMS last month, the Delhi High Court had instructed TRAI to implement TCCCPR. This means telecom commercial communication customer readiness regulation. It is designed to prevent unauthorized or spam calls and messages.

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