Brad Hogg is unhappy that this may be his last chance, to be on Cyclone, failing fitness test

Former Australia spinner Brad Hogg is unhappy that Varun Chakraborty and Rahul Tewatia have failed to pass the fitness test for India ahead of the England T20Is and will be ruled out of the high-profile series. Mystery spinner Chakraborty and batsman Teotia failed to articulate one of the two criteria that encompassed the fitness test, which meant that their chances of playing five T20Is were equally good.

From the first T20I between India and England, Virat Kohli sent a strong message that fitness is something that cannot be compromised, and Hogg, along with the captain of India, hinted at how the youngster would be Can not give opportunities.

The fitness standards for India have been around for a few years now. All players in India know what to expect. There is no change in the post post. You have got your opportunity to come, and when to take it. , You can’t be left like this, Hogg said on his YouTube channel.

Therefore, these two special players, as they have not shown up with India’s fitness standards, show that they do not have the dedication to play international cricket.

This is the second time in four months that Chakraborty has come close to realizing his dream of playing for India, only to miss it by a mustache. Named to India’s T20I squad for the Australia tour, Chakraborty injured himself, suffering a labrum tear. Although the injury did not affect his bowling arm, it affected his bowled ball. Hogg feels that this may be the last opportunity for Chakravarthy and Teotia and has sent a message to all the youth there.

This may be his last opportunity. So the youth are out, no matter what you’re doing in life, make sure you’re going for an opportunity – work, cricket, or any other sport – you know what to expect from the standards . Hogg said, when you show that first hour of work. And these two special players have not shown up in the first hour of work in prime condition and this could be their last chance.

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