After the Chief Minister of the UK, now the Minister of Madhya Pradesh said – it is bad to wear torn clothes

After Uttarakhand Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat, now the statements of Madhya Pradesh cabinet minister Usha Thakur on torn jeans / clothes have come out. Madhya Pradesh Tourism and Culture Minister Usha Thakur, while speaking to a news channel on Monday, said that wearing clothes torn from the old times is considered a bad omen and families rich in culture do not like such clothes. Actually, Minister Usha Thakur was in Bhopal on Monday. When she arrived at the state museum at an event, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat reacted to the statement of torn jeans.

To this, she said, मेरी My personal belief is that in Indian culture, you might have also noticed that if our grandmother and grandmother had got a little bit of our cloth, Mother would have said, reject it. Grandma used to say wear it now. Usha Thakur said that clothes torn in Indian culture are considered bad habits and that is why the culture families that we have here and people who live traditional lifestyles do not like this kind of clothes. Let us know that recently Tirath Singh Rawat, who became the new Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, had raised questions about girls wearing torn jeans. After this, a debate broke out across the country and he had to apologize. Not only this, by uploading #rippedjeans on social media, people also uploaded their pictures with torn jeans.

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