Aditya Roy Kapur lives in a bachelor pad, complete with pool table, man cave, sky and sea views.

Aditi Roy Kapoor lives in a typical ‘bachelor pad’ in Mumbai, complete with a pool table, a man cave and a view of the sky and the sea. Aditya revealed his house on YouTube in a video posted by architect Ashish Shah.

In the video, Aditya said that the last two houses he lived in were defined by ‘organized chaos’, but made it a point that his new house would be ‘disqualified’. And so he started throwing away unnecessary things with ‘ruthlessness’, and chose a reductionist approach. However, there is a piano in his living room, which his mother gifted him.

Aditya said that many of his friends tried to stop him from putting a pool table in the house, predicting that he would get bored of it in three months and that there would be plenty of space, but added that he had one for the game. Personal relationship, and really wanted to have a table in his house. He jokingly said that when he has a girlfriend or wife living with him, she turns the table at a place where she can change a baby’s diaper.

He also spoke of his ‘king-size bed’, which he was unfazed to see in the video. Tell me why a bachelor needs such a big bed, Ashish asked mischievously, to which Aditya replied, I will tell you why, because there is no longer a bed in the guest room. The two laughed at the idea of ​​Aditya’s guests sleeping in their bed.Adtiya Roy KapurAditya also about his red couch, in his man cave. There is a lounge area in the den ‘area and he said he spends time watching TV, reading or eating. The man is also once in the cave. He said that he did not want to put the bar in the living area because then it would look like ‘a kind of debenture’.

Aditya’s previous two releases – Sadak 2 and Ludo – debuted on streaming platforms. He will soon be seen in Om – The Battle With, co-starring Sanjana Sanghi.

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