Actress: Kareena Kapoor shared photos of a walk on social media with members of a video team.

Actress Kareena Kapoor was spotted at her friend Amrita Arora’s house on Wednesday. Wearing a T-shirt and workout pants, Kareena was seen miffed with paparazzi positioned outside.

In a video on social media, Kareena is shown taking a walk with her team members. When she approaches the herd of photographers, she tells them not to click her pictures. It appears as if the photographers tried to sneak their cameras inside the building’s premises from under the fence.

Kareena is one of Paparazzi’s favorite stars. On Tuesday, she obliged photographers with some photos, but not unconditionally. Kareena took off her mask for the photos, but made sure Paparazzi stayed at a safe distance from them.

This was not the first time Kareena had urged Paparazzi to ensure social distance. Last week, while she was returning from a shoot, Kareena made a similar request.

Kareena has recently returned to work after giving birth to her second son less than a month ago. She and husband Saif Ali Khan welcomed the baby in February. He also has a four-year-old son named Timur.

Speaking about his return to work, he told a leading daily in December, “No, there is never any plan that I have to do this or that. It’s just that I was not the kind of person who sits at home and says, ‘Now I want to put my feet up.’ I am doing what I want to do. Working – whether it is during my pregnancy or after delivery – is just a point to say when someone has said that a pregnant woman cannot work? In fact, the more active you are, the healthier the baby is and the happier the mother is. After delivery, too, once you feel adequately fit, one should do what they feel like doing, and try to strike a balance between your work and yourself while giving the baby time. Do it I have always been very proud to be a working mother.

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