Aamir Khan test positive: Rakhi replied, OMG in truth, Khan Ji I love you, I miss you

A video clip of Rakhi Sawant reacts to the news of a positive test for coronovirus by actor Aamir Khan. This surprises Rakhi and then expresses concern over her health.

In the clip, Rakhi is seen dressed in a bright pink gym, as she gets in a car. A photographer informs him that Aamir has tested positive. Rakhi replied: OMG, really? How scary it will be to come to the main plague. Aamir Ji I Love You. Aamirji I miss you.

Instagram users were far from happy. One said: Yeh kuch ziyada hai ho gaya (Did you not go overboard?). Another wrote: Overacting. A third joke: Even Aamir Khan could not resist smiling upon seeing it. A fourth user wrote: Nautanki. Not everyone was ready to make fun of him. One user said: He has a good heart. Another said: Rakhi so sweet and beautiful.

Rakhi is under late stress due to her mother’s treatment of cancer. One of the first posts she made after leaving Bigg Boss 14 was about her mother Jaya, who is undergoing treatment for cancer at a hospital in Mumbai. Rakhi wrote: Please pray to mother, she is undergoing cancer treatment. A few days later, she also posted a recorded message from her mother, thanking Salman Khan for helping her in her treatment.

Speaking in Hindi, he had said: Thank you Salman, Sohail. As you can see my chemotherapy is going on. I am currently in the hospital. There will be two more sessions after which my operation will be done. Can you stay Humble and hearty. God help you be more prosperous. God is with you. May all your wishes be fulfilled.

Rakhi was one of the finalists in Bigg Boss 14. His journey was marked by his signature over-the-top humor. But she made many emotional by sharing information about her problematic marriage and her mother’s health. She was also embroiled in controversy when a fight with Abhinav Shukla (drawstring episode) saw her fight with season winner Rabina Dilac.

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