A pregnant woman comes to Jaipur, gives birth to a baby on an Indigo flight

Pregnant women are taken care of during the journey. Whether he is traveling in any way, he is given all types of care from health. There are many cases when the birth of a child becomes painful during the journey itself. A similar case has emerged in the IndiGo flight going from Bangalore to Jaipur. A woman aboard an Indigo flight has given birth to a baby girl. The pregnant lady in the plane (pregnant lady) started to have pain during the journey, after which the doctors and crew members in the aircraft became active due to the severity of the situation. They decided to deliver on the plane itself, after which the woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Jaipur Airport was immediately informed for the convenience of doctors and ambulances.

IndiGo has issued a statement saying that both the mother and the baby are healthy. Doctor Subhna Nazir helped in the delivery of the baby girl. The doctor was welcomed at the Jaipur airport and a thank you card was given to him by the Indigo staff in Jaipur. In addition, Indigo commended its employees who contributed to this work.

Last year
Let me tell you that last year, a woman gave birth to a child on IndiGo’s Delhi-Bangalore flight. Pictures of the child were widely shared on social media with flight crew members and the airline’s crew members were highly praised for the child’s birth.

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